Protect Ukraine! Support the Ukrainian Army!

Today our husbands, fathers, brothers and sons fighting at the front line need your assistance and support more than ever.

We are an initiative group of volunteers from Kharkiv (Ukraine) HELP-ARMY.ORG.UA («Help Army!»). We find out at first hand what our soldiers and officers need, purchase and deliver the required goods directly to our military units. We arrange the purchases with our own money, with that donated by our friends and neighbours as well as with the money allocated out of the funds of the charity donations from all who just fail to remain indifferent in this situation.

Moreover, we take care of the wounded who are treated in the hospitals of Kharkiv and Izium and assist the internally displaced persons from both the Crimea and other areas of open hostilities. We are also in charge of the campaign “Draw Peace for a Soldier”. Within the scope of this campaign children draw for our warriors whatever they want. We collect the kids’ drawings and bring them to the military deployment locations as well as to the wounded in the hospitals. Adults often send their letters to the militaries together with the kids’ drawings, too. Our soldiers and officers are very grateful for this humanitarian and moral support.

For further details about the requirements of the Army, for further photo/video reports and acknowledgements kindly visit our website http://help-army.org.ua (we apologize for having currently available only the Russian version of those pages).

Ukraine: Kharkiv Volunteers Shore Up Border, Morale
In Kharkiv – Ukraine’s second-largest city, and one situated not far from the Donbas conflict zone – a volunteer group called the Help Army has filled a number of needs for both the regular army and pro-government militias. Volunteers, for example, have repaired old Soviet-era military equipment, and have organized the publication of user manuals to help instruct raw recruits on how to properly operate and maintain such ordnance.

You are invited to make your contribution, using one of the following options:

1. Web Money:
U274228306105 — грн.
Z675783142224 — USD.
R103630004474 — руб

2. Western Union: Konstantin Kalmetyev, +380506690643, Kharkov, Ukraine
To avoid any disturbances to our militaries or any danger for yourself we insistently recommend that you abstain from visiting the military units personally.

3. Donate via LiqPay.


We shall overcome together! With faith in the people, with hope for a peaceful sky over the head, with love for Ukraine!